Tips For Commercial Building Maintenance

Any veteran commercial property owner will tell you they’ve experienced troubles riding the learning curve of routine building maintenance. One of the most important lessons property owners say they’ve learned over the years is to tackle small projects while they’re small in order to save money and time in the long run. There’s a lot that goes into the care and preservation of a commercial building and its surrounding property, all of which are tremendously important to keep up with all year long.

Each and every building is unique and requires different methods and levels of care. This means it is important for property owners to get onboard with the process of preserving their premises. Small repairs and remodels are wise investments and inevitable overtime, but you can avoid large-scale damages and prevent premature construction needs with some simple commercial building maintenance knowledge.

Replace Incandescent Bulbs with LEDs or CFLs

Although a somewhat higher initial cost, LED lightbulbs and CFL lightbulbs have several benefits making them a great investment overall. Utility costs are instantaneously reduced as energy is saved, and they last more than double the life of standard incandescent bulbs. Also, put lights on an automatic system so that energy is not wasted.

Make Broken Windows a Priority

A broken window may not seem like an issue that needs immediate attention, but it does. This is especially true for commercial properties that are retail or provide a service to customers. Not only does a broken window immediately turn away new and potential clientele, it costs property owners money by the minute. This is because energy is wasted while conditioned air is lost and unconditioned air enters.

Keep Water Running Overnight in Freezing Temperatures

Standing water in pipes can quickly freeze in low temperatures, but it requires even lower temperatures to freeze running water. In freezing temperatures, leave the water running overnight. Do not leave a faucet entirely open because this only wastes water and money. Instead, simply leave a delicate and light stream of water from a faucet to keep the flow moving throughout the night. The price of plumbing repairs for an entire building as a result of frozen pipes is not cheap. And it is never a quick fix.

Don’t Slack on Outdoor Maintenance

When winter comes, you need to shovel that snow. And when summer comes, you need to water the plants. And when that special time of year comes, you need to have all of your walkways and siding power washed. Outdoor upkeep of a commercial property is crucial if a building owner wants to preserve value, as well as, reduce onsite accidents, hazards, obstructions, and structural wear and tear. Don’t procrastinate when it comes to taking care of the exterior parts of your building and property. Many real estate owners neglect this duty of care and wind up needing remodeling or restoration services down the line. Remember, tackle small projects while they’re still small! If you need tophomeappliancerepair , then the team of professionals from tophomeappliancerepair is here to help you.