Processes in The Production of Concrete Structure

Producing cement from clinker and then making it capable of serving as a strong construction material is a long procedure. The process of making clinker is the preliminary step where raw materials like sand, clay, shale and limestone are mixed together in the form of a powdery substance. The other steps that follow are enlisted below:

  • Proportioning of cement

The proportion of sand, cement and coarse aggregate that should be present in a batch determines its durability and strength. Therefore, proportioning of the cement is a crucial step where the engineers make decisions regarding the proportion of these materials that a particular variety of cement meant for a specific construction work should contain. Here it needs mentioning that in order to produce good quality Strong Cement in Manipur or elsewhere, the water content in the mixture should also be carefully maintained along with selection of good quality raw materials.

  • Batching of concrete

Batching is the next step where concrete is mixed. Generally, engineers implement two types of batching method. While one option is weight batching, the other option is volume batching. Appropriate measurements are followed for incorporating concrete mix in each of the categories of batching. However, it needs further mentioning here that engineers generally prefer weight batching over volume batching.

  • Concrete mixing

Similar to the process of batching, concrete mixing can also be done in two ways. In one method, machine can be employed for mixing concrete uniformly. In another option, manual method is opted where hand is involved for mixing the concrete aggregate. The average time for mixing concrete is two minutes. Moreover, as machine mixing produces more uniform concrete mixture so it is preferred over manual mixing. When manual mixing is done, it is highly recommendations are that the process should take place over hard surface. The engineers also advise that sand and cement should be mixed before the aggregate and then it should be followed by adding adequate percentage of water for obtaining appropriate consistency of concrete mix.

  • Placement of concrete

In the next step, the concrete mix is placed over the site that has been scheduled for the purpose. During this step, attention should be given to prevent drying out of the gooey concrete mix. Segregation of the mixture should also be avoided by pouring the mixture into the pre-determined spot from a height less than 1.5 meters. Thirdly, concrete mixture should be poured in layers without any breaks at all as this would prevent the appearance of cold joints.

  • Compacting and curing

Compacting of concrete is vital for making the construction strong and durable. It is advised that accurate vibrations of the compaction machine should be employed for the purpose. This should be followed by repeated curing process for few days to retain the strength and durability of the concrete structure.